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Malaysian Visas and Permits at a Glance

A summary of every visa and permit in Malaysia

Immigration_Visa and Permits
Visa / PermitReason for coming to MalaysiaDurationRenewable?Includes Work Permit?
Visa on ArrivalTourism, meetingsUp to 30 or 90 days depending on NationalityYesNo
Short-term social visit passE.g. family-related, tourism, meetings, journalismUp to 90 daysYes, but with restrictionsNo
Short-term social visit pass for workUrgent, short-term work assignmentmax. 30 daysNoYes, but with restrictions
Professional Visit PassShort-term work assignment1-12 monthsYes, but with restrictionsYes, but with restrictions
Visit Pass for Digital Nomands (DE Rantau Digital Pass)Remote work3-12 monthsYesYes, but with restrictions
Foreign worker's permitWorking as foreign worker in approved sectorsYearly basis up to ten yearsYesIn selected fields
Maid VisaWork as a maid for the holder of an Employment Pass or Residence Pass (Talent)12 monthsYesYes, but only from selected countries
Employment PassEmploymentUp to 5 yearsYesYes, but with selected criteria
Dependant PassSelected family member of employment pass holderUp to 5 yearsYesNo
General long-term social visit passesE.g. family-relatedNot less than 12 monthsYesNo
MM2HLong-term stay in Malaysia10 yearsYesNo
Residence Pass-TalentContinuous stay and workUp to 10 yearsYesYes
Entrepreneur / Startup Pass (MTEP)Setting up a company in tech / IT or AI field or investing in such a company12 months or 5 years subject to entrepreneurship experienceYes, under certain circumstancesYes (with restrictions in case of 12-months’ pass)
Premium Visa (PVIP)Live, study, work or invest in Malaysia20 yearsYesYes
Residence Pass/Spouse VisaLong-term visa for spouses of Malaysian citizen5 yearsYesYes
Permanent Residence (Entry Permit)Permanent residence in MalaysiaIndefinitelyNot applicableYes
Special PassLegally remain in Malaysia for a short time under special circumstancesUp to 30 daysNoYes, but with restrictions

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