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Find solutions to any of your questions related to immigration into Malaysia for any business or relocation needs. We are here to assist you with any of your personal or business applications.

  • Immigration_Entry

    Entry Requirements

    Visa vs Permit, General Requirements.

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  • Immigration_Temporary Visas

    Temporary Visas

    Single-Entry Visa vs Multiple-Entry Visa, Visa on Arrival (Tourist Visa), Short-Term Social Visit Pass, Short-Term Social Visit Pass for Work Purposes (PLS@XPATS), Long-Term Social Visit Pass (Long-Term SVP), Professional...

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  • Immigration_Foreign Workers

    Work Permits

    Employment Pass, Entrepreneur/startup visa for specific tech and IT sectors, Premium Visa (PVIP) for high-net-worth individuals

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  • Immigration_Residency Permits

    Residency Permits

    Dependant Pass, Resident Pass - Talent, Permanent Residence (Entry Permit), Residence Pass and Spouse Visa, Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

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  • Immigration_Work Permits

    Foreign Workers

    Maid Visa (Foreign Domestic Helper, FDH), Foreign Worker's Permit, Special Pass

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  • Immigration_Visa and Permits

    Malaysian Visas and Permits at a Glance

    A summary of every visa and permit in Malaysia

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  • Immigration_Foreign Professionals

    Foreign Professionals

    Employing Foreign Professionals in Malaysia, Employing Foreign Workers in Malaysia, Sending Staff to Malaysia or Hiring Foreign Interns

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  • Immigration_Others


    Transfer Endorsement (ToE), Rejections

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